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The Mind-Reading Revolution

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Nov 2019
Anca & Lucca - The Mind-Reading Revolution
Vienna - Theater Akzent
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Thursday, 15th of November 2019 - Theater Akzent Wien
Time: 19:30 Uhr

Theater Akzent
Theresianumgasse 18, 1040 Wien



Hannes Fenz Jan 29, 2018
The show was grandiose. Thank you! The amazement never stops and the staging was ingenious and presented very congenially.
Gertraud Fischer Jan 28, 2018
It was absolutely stunning. Thank you for an amazing night!!
Ioana Beldianu Jun 16, 2017
I really enjoyed the way the whole show is being orchestrated- in form of a theater play- it's quite difficult to link all those tricks together in such a seamless way! All the tricks are simply amazing but I also love Luccas jokes and sense of humor; it's definitely one of the USP's of the show. Both Anca and Lucca are absolute professionals and know how to engage the audience and maintain the suspense throughout the whole show. The best trick comes at the end, exactly when you thought it can't get any better than this..So in my opinion a 'MUST SEE' in Vienna.
David Hill Jun 14, 2017
Simply cool! I enjoyed the mixture of classic stories and modern magic, and I left wondering

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The Mind-Reading Revolution

Are phenomena such as mind-reading and clairvoyance real? Or are they just illusions and perfectly explicable? And what does all this have to do with love?

In their theater show, the current European and Vice-World Champions reveal the secrets of mental magic and leave you speechless and amazed nonetheless. 

On a journey through their fascinating world, the spectators become part of the newest and unsurpassed illusions of mental magic.

Is it just a demonstration of the incredible power of the human mind or are mind-reading, clairvoyance and predictions really possible? Come, be amazed and judge yourself!

"Your show was absolutely remarkable and extraordinary, the guests were mesmerized and amazed. I will definitely recommend you guys to any of our sister hotels around the world. I have got incredible comments from our guests as well as our hotel team, I felt proud choosing your show for such an important event. It will be very hard to top this next year. Thanks a lot!"

Yasmine Adel - Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Show @ Hilton Kuwait Resort

Our event "Consultants´Day & Night" was a true success and the feedback of our members was extremely positive. Lucca has contributed very much to this success with his motivational speech in the afternoon and his show in the evening. We want to thank him one more time officialy.

Markus Roth - Chamber of Commerce Upper Austria

Speech & Show @ Design Center Linz

"Great show! The incredibly likeable Viennese married couple set new standards with their show in which the human factor didn't come too short. The spectators were not only baffled but mystified." 

Gary Sperrer - OÖ Nachrichten

Stadttheater Gmunden


"As a theater owner I want to book a show that is really well received. The show of Anca & Lucca left no wishes in this respect: Grandiose illusions, creative ideas and an incredibly charming dealing with the public. My guests thanked them with beaming faces and standing ovations."

Pat Perry, CLOSE-Theater, Zürich

theatre show @ Zürich

The Mind-Reading Revolution


Thursday, 15th of November 2019 - Theater Akzent Wien
Time: 19:30 Uhr

Theater Akzent
Theresianumgasse 18, 1040 Wien