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The Viennese Illusionist LUCCA is a full-time professional entertainer and speaker and reigning World Champion of Mental Magic. Since he started performing, his aim has been to re-establish magic as a first-class, entertaining art form. 

Detached from the old clichés of magic, LUCCA deals with very diverse topics in his illusions such as lying, reincarnation, quantum entanglement, love, music or legendary football games. His performances and illusions, partly invented by LUCCA himself, almost exclusively involve the audience. He thereby solely performs magic with everyday items or simply creates illusions in the minds of his guests.

Since 1999, LUCCA has been a member of the Vienna Magic Cercle and since then he has provided exquisite magic entertainment for numerous corporate and exclusive events.


Lucca discovered his passion for magic only at the age of nineteen, when he also started his first business in a completely different field. It took another twelve years before he decided to give up his life as a business manager, in order to fully dedicate himself to magic. Since 2008 he is a full-time professional illusionist.

His most important awards are:

3 x Austrian Champion of Mental Magic 2012, 2014 & 2016

Special Award for the "Improvement of a magic principle" 2014

German Vice-Champion of Mental Magic 2014

Vice-World Champion of Mental Magic 2015-2018

European Champion of Mental Magic 2017-2020

Vice-World Champion of Mental Magic 2018-2021

Nostradamus d'Or  -Europe's Best Mentalist 2019-2021

Vice-European Champion of Mental Magic 2021-2024

World Champion of Mental Magic 2022-2025


For weddings he developed the WeddingTainer, a unique show dealing with the topic of marriage and matrimony in 2010.

In 2011 his motivational speech was introduced.

Also in 2011 he invented a new dinner-show concept for high luxury hotels. The Salon of Wonder (originally "The 4 Seasons of Magic") has been successfully running at high luxury hotels around the world. 

In 2016 his full-evening show The Art of Wonder premiered at the Vienna Imperial Hotel and later at the MuTh Theatre in Vienna. 



Anca didn't know that "magic exists" before she had met Lucca. Just married, she attended her first magic convention with him. The concept of mind-reading intrigued her right away but she didn't like the assisting role of women in magic. Ever since she is challenging her husband to prove who the better mentalist is. 

Anca has a double degree in International Relations and Business Administration and has suspended her almost ten-year-long career in the corporate world in order to become a professional magician. She had been on stage all her life, starting with ballet and ballroom dancing already at the age of 6. Hence the transition to performing magic on stage came naturally. At the World Championships of Magic in 2015 neither thousands of magicians nor the jury could believe that she was not using any secret helpers or gimmicks. Only later in a separate meeting with the President and Chairman she convinced them of her unique skills. 

Anca and Lucca are still giving their best performance together. With their signature act  The Mind-Reading Revolution they've already become Austrian Champions in Mental Magic twice in 2014 and 2016, Vice-World Champions in 2015 and 2018 and European Champions in 2017. In 2019 Anca and Lucca received the O.E.D.M. Nostradamus d'Or for Europe's Best Mentalist and in 2022 they were awarded with the first prize and title "World Champions" at the official FISM World Championships of Magic in the category of mental magic.

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"Lucca and Anca were charming, funny and performed perfectly on stage. Lucca even connected our guests with each other. That was perfect for our conference."

Wolfgang Raschka - Head of Contract Management & Legal Operations; Siemens Austria

International Legal & Compliance Meeting, Vienna
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"Lucca is amazing. He exceeded our expectations every single time. Having Lucca around will definitely leave an unforgettable moment for your guests."

Manish Jha - General Manager, Anantara Hua Hin

The Salon of Wonder @ Anantara Hua Hin

„Lucca & Anca have captured our audience from the very first minute and maintained this mesmerization throughout the whole show. Whith charm and humour they have granted us a view into a mystical dimension, which was honoured by our audience with enthralled feedback."

Martin Richter - Unicredit Group

Corporate Gala @ Casino Velden

Our event "Consultants´Day & Night" was a true success and the feedback of our members was extremely positive. Lucca has contributed very much to this success with his motivational speech in the afternoon and his show in the evening. We want to thank him one more time officialy.

Markus Roth - Chamber of Commerce Upper Austria

Speech & Show @ Design Center Linz

"Anca & Lucca will revolutionize the art of mind-reading!"

Jeff McBride - Magic & Mystery School Las Vegas

"So classy, so elegant. A wonderful, wonderful act!"

Penn & Teller - Las Vegas Headliner

Lucca's performance was a real eye-catcher - the entire team as well as our guests were enthusiastic about the impressive show. We were honored to have the reigning World Champion of Mental Magic as part of our event. He managed to captivate us all. Thank you for the magical time - we will definitely recommend Lucca.

Dagmar Kiraly - Uniqa

"Relentingly frustrating - such a show performance by the world champions.
Because the more astonished I am, the more I want to know how it works... of course, without a chance!!!"

Vera Russwurm (ORF)

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