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Most of Lucca's show concepts were designed at the request of luxury resorts and hotels worldwide, who are among Lucca’s most satisfied clients. He understands their special requirements and even shares his own techniques with their staff.

The dinner-show The Salon of Wonder provides one of the most exclusive forms of evening entertainment for the most fastidious guests.

His memory training helps service staff to remember guests' names, faces and preferences.

The Weddingtainer is a unique kind of wedding party entertainment.

Magic workshops for barkeepers or waitstaff, card magic lectures for absolute beginners and many more individual solutions were developed especially for luxury hotels around the world.

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See what some luxury hotels have to about Luccas work - testimonials.

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"Specially for our guests he has offered a great show, which was incredibly exciting and impressive. His sensitivity and sense for setting the right emphasis amazed our guests."

Monique Dekker - General Manager, Park Hyatt Vienna

New Year's Eve Gala @ Park Hyatt Vienna (Austria)
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"Lucca is amazing. He exceeded our expectations every single time. Having Lucca around will definitely leave an unforgettable moment for your guests."

Manish Jha - General Manager, Anantara Hua Hin

The Salon of Wonder @ Anantara Hua Hin

"I have seen many magic tricks in my life, but Lucca ranks amongst the top. He is truly a first class performer."

Allan Zeman - Chairman, Lan Kwai Fong Holdings Ltd, Hong Kong

The Salon of Wonder @ Andara, Phuket (Thailand)

"World class! People have no imagination what they are missing, if they haven’t seen Lucca's performances."

Torsten Richter - Cluster General Manager, Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas, Maldives

The Salon of Wonder @ Anantara, South Male Atoll (Maldives)

"Lucca was very well received at our New Year's celebration. He designed the evening perfectly and offered great entertainment - truly magical."

Roland Hamberger - General Manager, Palais Coburg - 31/12/2015

New Year's Eve Gala  @ Palais Coburg
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"We did a record in auction amounts and that happened to a big part with Lucca's help. It was definitely the right choice. It set the tone. People were on their seats and very impressed."

Tim Boda - Director of Culinary Excellence & Events, Minor Group

Charity - Gala Dinner @ Anantara Siam (Bangkok)

"Your show was absolutely remarkable and extraordinary, the guests were mesmerized and amazed. I will definitely recommend you guys to any of our sister hotels around the world. I have got incredible comments from our guests as well as our hotel team, I felt proud choosing your show for such an important event. It will be very hard to top this next year. Thanks a lot!"

Yasmine Adel - Marketing & Public Relations Manager Hilton Kuwait

Show @ Hilton Kuwait Resort
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