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Memory workshop

A superior memory is a key to success in private and business life. Imagine the difference if ……

  •  the doorman welcomes a guest personally by name
  •  you never forget PIN-codes or other important numbers again
  •  the barkeeper serves the favourite cocktail before the guest even ordered
  •  you still remember the name of a beautiful woman or man, that you are meeting again after years
  •  the waiter presents the complete menu out of his memory
  •  the receptionist knows the room number of every guest

Luccas one-day memory workshop will teach you to remember faces, names, numbers, dates, procedures, guest’s preferences and more.

Lucca had always been struggling with his own forgetfulness. Today he is able to remember the names of up to 40 guests at his dinner show, learning them only during his performance.

The mnemotechnics are the same that even world champions are using. Nevertheless they are easy to comprehend and significant improvement will be achieved by the end of the workshop. Luccas approach is the one of an entertainer. By keeping his workshop playful and light, everybody will join and learn with ease

Every attendee receives lecture notes and all the necessary knowledge to develop a super-power memory.

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